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Medical couriers are highly trained professionals who deliver medical supplies and products to a wide variety of medical facilities. We deliver to hospitals, labs, clinics, doctors' offices, pharmacies and research facilities. Depending on the type of delivery and what is being shipped, a specific type of vehicle may be needed. 


 we are dedicated to serving our clients according to their standards. We have also worked with companies that specialize in various types of freight as well. Red Line has once again broadened their horizons and is now offering several legal services. Court filings, process serving, court research and document retrieval are just a few of the legal services our company is now offering to clients.


Our company offers a reliable service that can be designed for a daily delivery schedule or just a one-time need. We have employees and vehicles ranging in size from small compact cars to pound box trucks. We provide all of our services in a confidential and time sensitive manner. We can provide a route service or design a custom courier service in order to meet specific business demands.


Comfort Express Couriers warehousing systems utilize a progressive inventory management system through automatic data collection. This program is a Comprehensive and flexible warehouse management system and provides Comfort Express organization and Comfort Express’s Clients with the tools and data tracking capabilities required to operate in an environment of continuously changing needs.


Comfort Express Dedicated Fleet Services and transportation management  offers delivery management solutions that allow you to focus on your core business while we facilitate your shipping and distribution needs.
Comfort Express can serve as a seamless extension of a customer’s business by providing a comprehensive outsourcing solution.